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Logan is a compassionate counselling therapist who believes in the power of empathy, positive regard, and a safe and judgment-free environment. Understanding the issue at hand and establishing clear goals are vital aspects of effective counselling. Logan works closely with clients to develop a true understanding of their goals and direction, fostering trust and a strong working alliance at a pace that feels safe and right to the client.


Logan draws most from Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Narrative Therapy, which they have found to be transformative forces for change when facing many life's challenges. Moreover, Logan believes all individuals are unique, and that no approach to counselling can be met by a single modality or strategy. Understanding this, Logan works in an integrative approach to therapy, focusing on meeting the client where they are, and fitting the therapy to the client's strengths.


Throughout Logan's experience working as a therapist, he has practiced successfully with individuals struggling with anxiety and depression, as well as those dealing with substance abuse and addictions. From personal experience dealing with anxiety and seeing the impacts of addictions up close, Logan is passionate about helping while balancing an objective approach to help guide clients.
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5 Tips for managing ADHD symptoms in daily life

In this video, we'll be sharing 5 practical tips for managing ADHD symptoms in your daily life. Whether you've recently been diagnosed with ADHD or have been living with it for years, these tips can help you improve your focus, organization, and productivity. At Phare Counselling, we specialize in helping clients with ADHD through therapy and counseling sessions. If you're interested in learning more about our services, visit our website or book a session today.

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March 21, 2024
ADHD life hack: creating a daily routine

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Phare Counselling
January 30, 2023
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