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Evangelos is a Registered Clinical Counsellor (#19573). He has worked as a trainee therapist in a clinical hospital setting in Greece and he has been offering counselling services as a member of diverse mental health professional teams in the Vancouver metropolitan area.


Psychotherapy for me is all about understanding the unique and personal experience of the individual and enabling them to deal with the hardships of life in the way that feels most genuine to them. Even though we may happen to suffer from similar issues and concerns, the way we perceive the world is utterly unique. My goal is to form a strong therapeutic bond with clients that inspires trust and safety and to understand their worldview. I believe that true therapeutic work takes place when two individuals walk side by side on a journey of personal exploration, with me as the therapist offering a guiding hand.


As a counselor I like to adopt an integrative approach in order to cater to the needs of every client. My area of expertise lies in Existential Analysis and Logotherapy (from the Greek ‘’Logos’’, translating to ‘’meaning’’). It is a school of psychology deeply rooted in philosophy, that focuses on empowering the individual to make genuine and authentic choices in their life and guiding them through the journey of finding meaning and fulfillment. It is a very versatile type of therapy that can be applied in multiple therapeutic contexts and can be specifically helpful for people struggling with depression, issues in interpersonal relationships, anxiety and existential concern/life crises.
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