Sam Fischer


“There is no need to come to therapy with set ideas on how, or where, you want to go; you only need to bring yourself, and a willingness to grow. The rest is my work.”

Sam (they/them) is a counsellour, Learning Specialist (reg #61603660),  an academic in Social Development and Educational Psychology (completing clinical hours for registration with the BCCA).

They have been working as a helping professional for over 15 years, and their diverse background gives them unique skills as a therapist to approach complex issues with warmth, competence, curiosity, and empathy.

They come from a medical background, have a diploma in Social Work, and formerly held an academic faculty position at Kwantlen Polytechnic University.  

Sam is neurodivergent, BIPOC (mixed-race), non-binary, and queer, and has a deep love for serving those in their communities. Sam has come to work as a therapist after spending years creating a space for themselves in an increasingly complex world. With a trust in their client’s self-knowledge, and lived experience, Sam excels at helping clients navigate the world in ways that make sense for them, and to find the untapped resources they already possess.  

They are a warm, focused, and empathetic therapist, and ground their clinical work firmly in evidence-based research. As a science-based clinician, using a multi-dimensional approach, Sam offers clients an opportunity to get to know themselves in – instead of from – the society in which they exist.  As an expressive communicator, Sam invites clients to explore the links between self-knowledge and research, and guides clients to make connections that are in alignment with their highest selves.


Neurodivergency (ADHD, ASD, and/or High IQ), Queer issues, Non-binary, trans, youth/young adults, life transitions, race & identity, BIPOC, mixed-race, immigrant experiences, anxiety about the future of the world, educational psychology, health care professionals, medical students, nursing students, accessibility concerns, and personal growth/development.


Multi-dimensional, evidence-based

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