Embark on a journey that goes at your pace

When you join Phare Counselling, you’re joining a community—one that takes care of each other and one that is building a better mental healthcare system together.

Find a qualified counsellor that matches your specific needs, with none of the roadblocks of the traditional system. With our pricing model, get the counselling you need when you need it with our pay what feels fair rate. Or, see a counsellor and help others access the same quality counselling with our pay it forward model. 

We’re on a mission to make mental health fair for everyone. We can’t wait for you to join us.
Why us?

Book an onboarding call

Start with a quick chat with one of our staff members. No commitment, no pressure. We just want to learn a bit about what brings you to Phare and what you’re looking for.

Match with a counsellor

Browse through our list of awesome counsellors and learn more about their specialties. Or simply let us know what you want in a counsellor and we’ll find you the perfect match.

Pay what feels fair

After your session, select a pricing tier that reflects your Phare experience: pay what feels fair, pay a full rate or pay it forward. We accept most student health insurance plans. 

here to help

When you’re ready to book an appointment, we’re here to help find the support you need. 
Book an appointment

Counselling made affordable.

We want everyone, in any financial situation, to have access to counselling. For each Phare session, you can choose from our three pricing options. We accept most student health insurance plans. Not sure how that works or if you have benefits? We can help! Contact us with any questions. 

Pay What Feels Fair

Pick a price that reflects your experience with your counsellor.


Pay a Full Rate

Pay what's considered the standard rate for a session with one of our counsellors. 


Pay it Forward

Help make a contribution to fund others who are seeking counselling.


A team on a mission to make mental health fair

We're a group of individuals ready to support you. Meet our team of awesome counsellors (no bias here—they really are just that awesome).
Meet the team
Our team

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