Mariana Martinez Vieyra


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Call me Mariana and pronounce my name the way you can; I stick to its Spanish sound. I identify as a cisgender, hetero Latina, Argentine-Canadian (Pronouns: she/ ella/elle) living on the Unceded Territories of the Coast Salish People since 2003. I am a registered clinical counsellor, level II sensorimotor psychotherapist, trained in EMDR, Focusing Oriented Psychotherapy, also implementing Mindfulness-based CBT and DBT. I have extensive experience as supervisor, consultant and trainer. My background in the helping profession includes non-profit, community work in Latin America and once in Vancouver, at the Vancouver Association for Survivors of Torture (VAST) and MOSAIC where I counsel migrants and refugees. In this capacity, I also provide clinical supervision, group facilitation, trainings to frontline service workers, and develop training to graduate level interns in trauma under my supervision. I also enjoy working in EFAP settings and in my trauma-informed private practice. I firmly believe in psychotherapy as the facilitator of change drawing on each individual’s inherent capacity to heal. My practice is social justice-driven and as such meant to address not only individual challenges but collective narratives of exclusion and victimization. As a supervisor, consultant and trainer I am committed to helping individuals “come home”, experience togetherness, embark in acts of solidarity, mutual witnessing and resistance.   


Single-incident Trauma, Complex Trauma, PTSD, Structural Dissociation and Dissociative Identity, Disorder (DID) -clients usually diagnosed as “borderline personality,” Racial/ Ongoing Trauma – Cultural Dissociation, Anxiety, Depression, Grief, LGBTQ+, Cross-cultural consideration in clinical practice, Working with interpreters in a clinical context


Sensorimotor Psychotherapy (SP), Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (DBT), EMDR, Mindfulness-based CBT, Expressive Arts Therapy, Focusing

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