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I’m a Registered Social Worker (from Ontario) since 2008 and I’ve joined Phare as a supervisor. I have my Bachelor of Administration and Honours Bachelor of Social Work from Lakehead University and my Master of Social Work from the University of Manitoba.

I’ve worked in child and adolescent mental health, long term care, inpatient hospital settings, primary care, outpatient mental health, and am currently working in an outpatient setting with individuals with chronic pain. I’ve also started working with a colleague in her private practice going to fly in indigenous communities providing counselling in person, over the phone, and via video.


I’ve been recently trained in EMDR as of June 2021, so am currently receiving consultation myself. However, I would say I’m more of a generalist social worker who uses a mix of therapeutic approaches, with the exception of ACT and CPT which I’ve had minimal training in.


Generalist, but starting to train in trauma myself
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