Emma Goult

Life Coach

Emma was born and raised in North Vancouver,  BC. During that time she attended Mulgrave School, where she received an IB Diploma. Throughout her life, Emma has always had a passion for helping others, and a keen interest in human behaviour. This led her to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from the University of British Columbia. She also describes herself as someone with a detailed oriented, goal driven mind, who is attracted to problem solving. This combination of interests- she later discovered- is perfectly suited to coaching. So, she decided to become a Certified Coach Practitioner, through the Certified Coaches Federation. Her work as an advisor to Post-Secondary students at Universities across Canada, as well as in her role as a Life Coach, has underscored her belief in the profound power that comes when people are able to actively cultivate solutions to life’s adversity, and commit to pursuing personal growth. Apart from coaching, Emma loves spending time with her three pets, seeing friends and family, and exploring different restaurants around Vancouver.


Goal Attainment, Health, Career Development or Direction, Relationships, Empowerment, Stress Management, Spirituality, Life Transitions, Developing Positive Habits, Self-Esteem


Emma believes that at the core of achieving well-being, success and fulfillment, is uncovering who you are, and what you value, and disentangling these values from what others think, feel, or believe in. If you choose to work with Emma, she will be committed to helping you do just that. At the foundation, her goal is to always create an open, kind and trusting space, to help clients feel empowered, safe, and seen. She believes in a client led approach where, through creativity and collaboration, clients take an active role in setting goals and determining effective methods to achieve these goals. Emma uses a holistic approach to coaching that takes into account all the important facets of a client’s life to uniquely tailor a path forward that best suits their individual needs and concerns. She is also trained in Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques that enable clients to better understand how their thoughts influence behaviour, to help support sustainable change in their life. Finally, she promises to support clients in cultivating a life of joy and meaning- however that looks to them

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